Background story of Frivilligsentralen Costa Blanca


Un  sueño, una ilusión!


A dream… an illusion, that became real:

Already for many years, Liv Airin had thought about and planned how she would realize her idea and dream of starting a Norwegian voluntary central in Spain.

In August 2009, the positive message from the Ministry of Culture was recived, and in October it was the first and only established Norwegian voluntary central outside of Norwegian borders. Asbjørn Jensen was the first chairman and with his experience from other organization work in Norway, things started happening fast.

We established a small local in Alfaz del Sol, and had a huge party at the opening in October 2009.

Later, we moved on to a bigger local down town in our village and then the municipality cleared out some space for us in Calle Ferreria 6, at Juzago de Paz.

The municipality also contributes with locals at Casa de Cultura and in Centro Social that we can use for bigger occasions. The cooperation between the social services and the Mayors office have been optimal during all these years.

Voluntariness is a natural part of the Norwegian society. The Norwegian community effort is considered normal and necessary, at the same time that the government has shown their support for this way of social participation so it is possible to have leaders who can promote and organize the voluntariness.

Our voluntary central in Alfaz del Pi can be characterised as the binding link between the Spanish and Norwegian system, and we want to continue our work further with the integration.

Our board consists of 6 members and half of them have led the central all the way from the beginning.


Our daily managers have been:


Asbjørn Jensen, Elin Bergstrand,

Berit Hamre Myrland (not with us anymore) and

 Teresa Zuriaga Dominguez.

Activities are an important part of Frivilligsentralens tasks.

Our activities are:

Mainly focused at the visiting services, to reassure the habitants at institutions and at home that they can meet up and be social with others who speak their language at the same time that they get help integrating.

Otherwise, we have a knitting group and a waffle group at Alfaz del sol.

We arrange excursions for both Spanish/Norwegian volunteers and visitors for things like fishing, hiking, gathering people to common lunches, flea markets, painting exhibitions, christmas tables and contribute with people from institutions at the 17 og May and at the annual Fiestas Patronales in Alfaz.

We have been around with the waffle iron at trade fairs and International days and at the flea market in Alfaz.

We have created new meeting areas and tried to reach out at hand for the neighbouring municipalities.